Nineteenth Annual Swim

Swim Story 2019

The water temperature was nearly perfect at 24C/75F, air temperature was 21/22C with overcast skies and some sunny periods. The swimmers and crew were anticipating the winds picking up just as the swim traditionally gets tougher. Each day this past week, the winds have been strong with gust in the 25-35 km/hour range.  Swim day was no exception and the stronger winds began around 0900 hours.  Some of our earlier start swimmers and those completing the 7.8 km swim were mostly finished as the winds picked up.  As testament to the tenacity of the swimmers and crew all achieved their goals for the day and there was great celebration at the end.

The support team were outstanding again this year with timely pick-ups in Severn Falls by Chris Trevor, Roland Hastings, Steve Bang and Paul Blackwell doing double duty – pick-up and paddling for one of our swimmers.  Pam and Bob Poyntz from the Canadian Cancer Society outdid themselves this year. The tent was set up and the flags were in place when Steve Bang and Cathy Myles arrived to begin set up. Pam and Bob also assisted us with packing up everything at the end. Thank you so much both of you.  Your kindness and encouragement of the swimmers and crew is so appreciated.

Cathy Myles started each of the swimmers at Swift Rapid and Eckhart Reichenbach started the swimmers at Severn Falls – thank you to both of you for answering our questions and getting us on our way.

A huge thank you to Lori-Anne Hastings for making the wraps with me and the delicious pumpkin loaf and Steve Bang and Cathy Myles for getting the food to the end for the swimmers.

As with other swims, there were a variety of approaches to the swim.  Six people completed the 12.8 km swim; 4 completed 7.8 kms, 1 relay team completed the 12.8 km and two women swam 6.0 kms.  We had four new swimmers and 11 return swimmers. We were very pleased to welcome Josh Reid and two of his South West Ontario Open Water Swimmers (SWOOWS).  Julia Notebomer had an outstanding 12.8 solo swim and is now our youngest swimmer to complete the Swim for the Cure. Congrats Julia!

Name Solo/ Team Crew Start / Finish Swim Time
Katie Lamond Solo 12.8 km Karen Gregory 0606-0946 3h40m
Joshua Reid Solo 12.8 km Don Bonnett 0645-1135 4h50m
Robin Boys Solo 12.8 km Sandra Pritchard 0734-1234 5h0m
Julia Notebomer Solo 12.8 km Bert Notebomer 0645-1150 5h5m
Bonnie Moore Solo 12.8 km Ford 0606-1146 5h40m
Debbie Bang Solo 12.8 km Jamie Myles 0600-1219 6h19m
Fernando Camacho Solo 7.8 km Liliana Camacho 0802-1039 2h37m
Mairi MacGregor Solo 7.8 km Paul Blackwell 0802-1054 2h52m
Meaghan Hastings Solo 7.8 km Lori-Anne Hastings 0818-1219 4h1m
Lauren Reynolds Solo 7.8 km Samantha Brotherton; Ghazal Khademi 0818-1223 4h5m
Shaun Chisholm, AnnaChisholm, Allison
Relay 12.8 km Each other 0648-1130 4h42m
Deez Sloman Emily Kraemer Relay 6 km Each other 0744-1244 5h0m
Bonnie Moore’s support team – and what a support they are!

We have raised $11,685.00 this year bringing our total to $262,685; donated to support women, men and children affected by breast cancer and 152 people have helped raise awareness about breast cancer across Ontario.

We would happily have done without the rain, otherwise we all had a story to tell at the end about our accomplishments.  This is one of my favourite parts – the comparing of swim stories.  Until next year – which will be August 15, 2020 – I would invite you to consider whether you would like to swim, either as a solo swimmer for 12.8 or 7.8 kms or as part of a relay team.  

If you are interested in assisting with the swim next year, please get in touch with me.

It is my intention to organize and swim in the Swim for the Cure for one more years; completing 20 years as the organizer and a swimmer in this event, in the summer of 2020.  I have had the distinct pleasure of swimming with many people through the years and have loved each of the swims – especially after I was finished!  It is time to turn the reigns over to someone else and/or for the event to be finished.  If you would like to learn the “swim ropes” over the next year – happy to share my experiences and files ~~ Deb ~~

Swim jobs August 15, 2020:

  1. Picking swimmers and kayaks/canoes up a Severn Falls in the morning (0630-0800 job).
  2. Driving (either car or boat), drivers back to the municipal lot to get their cars 1300-1500 job).
  3. Paddling with a swimmer (we often have swimmers who either don’t have a paddler or a canoe/kayak (duration of the swimmers swim).

Would love to have you involved.

Contact me ~ or

Debbie Bang