Third Annual 13-km Swim

Champions It was such an amazing weekend. The weather was awful; overcast and raining and the water was really cold! Our crew were sopping wet and the swimmers were exhausted… but all were jubilant.Our day started at 4:30 a.m. as we were determined to get the first swimmers in the water by 0600 hours. As […]

Second Annual Kids’ Swim

Smiling, shivering The skies opened up in a downpour just as we were about to head up to Swift Rapids Lock to begin the Second Annual Children’s Swim for the Cure.It had been drizzling off and on since 6 a.m., but the children were still keen and one of them,Kelly Leonard, had already headed up […]

Second Annual 13-km Swim For The Cure

Up with the dawn The journey to raising $10,000 for breast cancer research began early on the morning of August 3: the first alarm clocks went off at 4:45 am; but many of us were already awake, thinking about our big swims and the goals that we had set for ourselves. Our nervous bellies didn’t […]

First Annual Kids’ Swim For The Cure

Bright caps, shining smiles A noisy and nervous group of kids began to assemble at the cottage of Steve and Debbie Bang on the Severn River at 7:00 am. on Sunday, August 4. They were set to swim from Swift Rapids to the Bangs’ cottage dock, a distance of just over one mile (1.6 km). […]